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Nitrous Oxide Palacios DentistryBecause of advances in techniques and medications, today there is usually little discomfort during dental visits. When patient relaxation techniques fail, your dentist may use sedatives or anti-anxiety agents such as nitrous oxide to help you relax.

Nitrous oxide is a commonly used dental sedative that produces a giddiness or euphoria, which is why people frequently call it “laughing gas”.

Nitrous oxide is a compound of nitrogen and oxygen. It is inhaled, along with oxygen, through a nasal mask. It is used for patients of all ages. It is also used in a number of dental treatments such as tooth restoration, placement of crowns, or for minor surgical procedures. Nitrous oxide is often used along with local anesthetics and pain medications. It has the effect of raising the pain threshold and may even appear to make the time pass quickly. The effects of Nitrous Oxide are short lived and patients are able to drive home after their appointment if other sedation is not used.