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restorative-dentistryThe practice of Louis Palacios is known for its beautiful esthetic restorations. Restorative procedures can repair damaged teeth or replace missing ones with natural, tooth-colored restorations, returning both function and esthetic appeal to your smile.

Dr. Louis Palacios offers a wide variety of treatment options, including:

Porcelain dental crowns applied in our office are an excellent way to repair damaged teeth while maintaining a natural looking appearance. A crown is a custom designed cap that is bonded snugly onto the tooth. Esthetic restoration with dental crowns makes the tooth strong and resilient, protecting it from further injury and buttressing surrounding teeth. If you have damaged teeth or old metal-based crowns and would like to learn more about our porcelain dental crowns, contact our office today.

dental crowns

Dental Crowns by Palacios Dentistry

If missing teeth or gaps in your smile make it difficult to chew or leave you feeling awkward about your appearance, a dental bridge might be the best solution. Dental bridges are composed of natural looking artificial teeth that fill the spaces left by missing teeth. Almost indistinguishable from natural teeth, the dental bridges used at our practice are composed of esthetic, tooth colored porcelain and attach to crowns or implants. These semi-permanent restorations can restore both a comfortable bite and a brilliant, full-toothed smile. For more information about dental bridges, contact Louis Palacios, today.


If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, or feel puffy, non-surgical soft tissue management can help restore your healthy gums. Many systemic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes are know to be worsened in the presence of periodontal disease. When you come to the office Dr. Palacios will do a complete oral exam including evaluating your gums.

periodontal therapy

Modern dentistry has come a long way. Advances in dental materials now allow our dentists to repair cavities using modern, white fillings. Unlike traditional metal fillings, these fillings are formed with durable composite resins and plastics, resulting in restorations that look and feel just like natural enamel. Best of all, they are bonded directly to the tooth, making them strong and long lasting. To find out more about white fillings, contact our practice today.

White Fillings

Dental implants are titanium anchors that are placed in the jawbone by an oral surgeon, allowing an esthetically pleasing, artificial tooth to be attached above. Dental implants are an excellent long-term solution to missing or broken teeth. Dr. Louis Palacios is widely sought out for his artistry and expertise in dental implant restoration. If you would like to learn more about implant restoration or consult with Dr. Louis Palacios concerning your implants, please contact our office today.

implant restoration

Sometimes, more work is needed to restore a full, healthy smile. Perhaps the patient’s teeth have been badly neglected for years. Or maybe dental work has been performed, but by a series of different dentists using various techniques and materials. These piecemeal restorations may not function well together or may have started to break down at differing rates. Periodontal disease, substantial decay, bite problems, and old mercury amalgam fillings might also be cause for more comprehensive dental work. In each of these cases, a full mouth restoration might be the optimal solution. Dr. Louis Palacios carefully evaluates each patient’s needs to develop a comprehensive restoration plan. Then, using the best of modern esthetic materials and techniques, he restores beautiful, wholesome smiles. To learn more about full mouth restoration, contact our practice today.

full mouth restroration

all-four-one dental implant

Can just four implants replace all of the teeth on the top or the bottom of your mouth? Thanks to advances in dental implant technology, that answer is a resounding yes.

Believe it or not, tooth loss is extremely common among adults, especially as we age. In fact, more than 35 million people in America are missing all of their upper and/or lower teeth. Rather than living with the discomfort and hassles of dentures, many people are opting for what is called “all-on-four” dental implant restoration.

all-four-one dental implant

Learn More about Restorative Dentistry

Would you like to learn more about restorative dentistry? Our Team provides exceptional dental restoration options, including porcelain veneers, tooth colored fillings, dental crowns, and dental bridges. We also offer sedation dentistry in our office to ensure that our patients feel completely relaxed and comfortable during treatment. For more information about our many smile restoration options, contact Louis Palacios, today.